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Danielle O'Hanlon Myrtle Beach SC artist

Self-taught, Danielle’s goal is to create works with which viewers can connect as they contemplate the visual, ideally arousing a strong emotional reaction. Her paintings are simple in composition and color, yet full of complexities that draw the viewer to stay longer.

Inspired by artists Edvard Munch and Jackson Pollock, Danielle has expanded her technique to include a three-dimensional style of painting that she calls ‘Acrylic Sculpting’. She explains the impact of this method: “Acrylic sculpting brings my work to life in a whole new way; in a sense, the painting reaches into our world, asking to be seen.”

Danielle credits her husband and her many supporters who provided the amazing opportunity to pursue a career doing what she loves. She finds it very rewarding to know her paintings - displayed in public or private - are being shared, cared for, and admired.


2020 January 29th - Syndrome Magazine - Instagram

2020 Refractions - iō Literary Journal - Online

2020 Issue 12 | Spring 2020 - After Happy Hour - Print

2020 Other Worldly Women Press - Summer Anthology: A Headrest for Your Soul-Print

2020 Fragments of Time: The Light Book By, JD Stahl (Author)

2021 Chestnut Review VOLUME 2 NUMBER 3 WINTER 2021


2019, Art in the Park, Putnam Park, Peterborough, NH USA

2019, Artists of the Month, Prime Roast, Peterborough, NH USA

2019, Monadnock Art Tour, Shaker Style, Harrisville, NH USA

2019, Opening Reception, Shaker Style, Harrisville, NH USA

2019, Deck the Halls, Exeter Town Hall, Exeter, NH USA

2019, First Featured Artist, Artful Spirit, New Ipswich, NH USA

2020, Recycled, Reclaimed, Reimagined. Gallery at Depot Square, Peterborough, NH USA

2020, Fiddleheads Cafe & Catering, Hancock, NH USA

2020, Hancock Library featured artist, Hancock NH

2020, Raumto's Keene NH

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Luke Moser is an industrial artist from Lancaster, NH who creates upcycled metal torsos, industrial scrap figurines and small nuts and bolt welded pieces. He is also an avid wood carver who lets the materials guide his skilled hands to an end result that sometimes emerges entirely on its own. He prefers to combine materials such as stainless steel and bronze to add a sense of age and depth to a piece.

Luke was inspired to the craft early on by his father, who was a master tinkerer and house builder. Over the years Luke worked with many other craftsmen as an industrial fabricator and woodworker.

He has worked at sites in over 15 states and with many of the top welders in the world. In 2011 Luke got serious about creating art while living in Boulder, CO. He now creates beautiful and intriguing sculpture with the same hands that he uses to repair giant industrial machines.

Luke has a B.S. in Natural Science from Lyndon State College in VT. He is also a graduate of the Advanced Welding Program at WMCC. He is a master fabricator, AWS certified welder, a master carpenter and a journeyman in other crafts. Luke draws on his many skills and years of experience with various tools and materials combined with his love of the natural world to create his unique pieces.


Luke has created hundreds of sculptures. He currently has more than 30 pieces available to see and purchase in person at Trend & Source in Jim Thorp, PA (www.trendandsource.com)
Other works can be seen on Luke’s Instagram @leagueofcraftsmen and he can be contacted directly at luke.of.moser@gmail.com

Luke Moser NH