We are now accepting applications for artists to join our online gallery. The gallery is aiming to create a positive, inclusive and professional community of artists. All applicants will be given honest feedback on their work whether chosen to join or declined. Chosen artists keep all rights to their own work and gain assistance with social media promotion and their own print-on-demand online store. The gallery aims to be as transparent as possible. Represented artists will be chosen based solely on ability and merit, there will be no way to ‘buy in’, no nepotism or friends first policies. 

The digital gallery is the first step in the goal of creating a formal art and events gallery with an established group of artists to fill the walls and show off at events. The gallery will be run with the charitable goals of supporting arts programs in local schools and providing scholarships and artist retreats at little or no cost. The space aims to be an inspirational gathering place for artists and art aficionados alike

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Robert O’Hanlon Jr. is a photographer living in Myrtle Beach, SC. His photography is mainly artistic, focusing on the interaction of light and shadow in the natural world. Robert shoots both digital and analog using a collection of vintage lenses and enjoys experimenting with different film stocks for dramatic effect. Robert began shooting and developing black and white 35mm film in high school and still primarily shoots with a Nikon FM2 from the 1980’s. More of Robert’s photography including portraits and event photography can be seen at www.ohanlonphotography.art or on Instagram @Bobbywithoutacause

Robert O'Hanlon Jr.